Skyline uses a powerful particle system, built to be able to create any effect you require.

Combined with the Special Fx system, you can create a multitude of different effects, each containing upto 8 different particles.

Create explosions, magic attacks, summons, all are within your grasp.

  • Skylines particle system is a fully featured particle editor. Edit particle effects and update thje changes in real-time as you are working for a fast and visually exciting experience.
  • Easily save and load particles to edit and use in your game using the particle base type for a scene entity. Choose your effect out of your libraries and begin tweaking to fit with your scene.
  • If you require a specific particle shader, then you can easily write a new shader and allow the system to take over the new material to use.
    Add shadows, lighting, fading and much more by tweaking the shaders. Use vertex manipulation and post processing to create distortion effects such as heat haze and more.
  • Control the emission rates and time lengths of the particles, adjust the speed and colors, or send a particle in a straight line or make it fire out 360 degrees.
  • Full directional velocity particles means making sparks and flames quickly.

A powerful yet simple editor right at your fingertips