Skyline is powered by PhysX created by NVidia, it has beenĀ used in many games in the blockbuster range and is a very fast and reliable physics engine that has been designed greatly for games.

Drop 1000 spheres with over 60 frames per second!

Current Features that have been developed or are in a state of being developed.

  • Dynamic Rigid bodies: these can interact and move in the scene, used for dynamic objects such as boulders.
  • Static Rigid bodies: these are solid objects that cannot be moved, used for building and environments
  • Multiple base shapes: Box, Sphere, Capsule
  • Complex shapes: Convex hull and Mesh.
  • Terrain Physics.
  • Vehicle Physics
  • Kinematic Character Controller Physics
  • Ragdoll Physics

We have developed a quick and easy stacking system using actions for objects that will enable you to create walls and blocks of physical entities for destroying or blowing up. You could also use this feature to have a consistent amount of physical entities dropping onto your scene. Then use the impulse button to send all your physics entities into the air.

The Physics system is also working with Lua scripting, enabling you to control, spawn and change physical properties on the fly during runtime.

This enables a very powerful and fast workflow when developing games using physics.

For information on new and developing features, then check out the roadmap.