Water Plane

Skyline offers a water type base type for scene entities, this is a very fast implementation of a Water system, that gives fast Frame rates.
It is designed using a shader applied to a plane to create a water surface This is perfect if you decide that going underwater isn’t going to be in your game.

SkyBoxes, SkyDomes, SkyPlanes and Cylindrical Mapping

Skyline allows you to create a cheaper way of skys using a SkyBox or similar method. This means you can use Textures on a mesh that surrounds the scene to act as a sky.
Skyline also has a skybox editor that enables you to load the textures in manually without having to create a new material each time.


Skyline Integration - Hydrax

Hydrax is an add-on for Ogre which aims to provide the answer for rendering Beautiful Water Scenes.

It’s fully configurable, all effect, such as water depth effects, smooth transitions, foam effects, caustics, underwater god rays, … can be modified in real-time as well as all options that do not depend of shaders such as Rtt’s texture quality, hydrax geometry and noise modules options, you can change between different modules(geometry and noise) on-fly.

Hydrax has a modulable interface wich allows any kind of water geometry, actually there’re three modules availables: The infinite ocean module, based on the projected grid concept, the simple grid module and the radial grid module.

Features include:

  • Realistic fresnel refraction and reflection effects
  • Intelligent depth effects based on depth maps
  • Smooth transitions effects: Smooth transitions with all objects in the scene using the depth map
  • Caustics effects
  • Sunlight effects (Colour, Position, Sun strength, area, etc…)
  • Full underwater effects like underwater reflections, god rays…
  • Foam effects
  • Water editor
  • Vertex and GPU Normals generation
  • Decals support (to place any kind of texture on the water, like ship trails, water vegetables, etc)
  • Modulable interface (Geometry and noise modules)
  • HLSL and CG support (and GLSL in future versions)

Credits to Xavyiy from the Ogre Forums for this brilliant Addon.
Link : https://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/Hydrax

(Taken From : https://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/Hydrax )

Skyline Integration - SkyX

With the Skyline Game Engine, you instantly get the SkyX Integration.

SkyX is a complete Sky Tool with a powerful Atmosphere Manager capable of creating any kind of sky in real time. It also can produce volumetric Clouds aswell as the normal cloud layers which are cheaper on performance.

  • 2 different Lighting Modes including HDR / LDR.
  • Atmosphere manager.
  • Sun, Moon and star field.
  • Layer clouds.
  • Full volumetric cloud system.
  • Full Time of Day Integration (Day/Night Cycle with full dynamic lighting).

Credits to Xavyiy from the Ogre Forums for this exceptional Sky System
Link : https://www.paradise-studios.net/downloads/hydrax_skyx/

(Information From : https://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/SkyX)