Large worlds filled with detail and colour

Skyline Offers a full landscape editing feature set designed to give you the ability to make any outdoor scene you want and make it look as realistic as possible.
Whether it is the next big RPG or a simple small level, skyline is there to accomadate you!

Making terrains has never been easier with an easy to use interface and powerful controls.

Advanced LOD System

Skyline Uses a continuous LOD system to give the best performance possible in your game, which allows large massive terrain tiles to be used, without too much performance hit.
The LOD system has a controllable value that allows you to change how far to LOD the terrain.

Advanced Terrain Rendering

The Terrain supports full diffuse, normal, Specular, and parallax maps to control the look and feel of the terrain.
It uses a Depth Shadow map with PCF Filtering to give fast efficient shadows on the terrains surface.
The Terrain also supports full light mapping and Composite maps for superb blending between layers, which can be updated in realtime to correct any light mapping issues.

Support for up to 5 textures to paint with. Another 5 will be coming soon…

Advanced Terrain Editing

Skyline uses a bitmap brush to control where you are editing, this means you can raise mountains in seconds, create eroded faces and detailed grounds.
Add your own bitmap brush to the system to raise the terrain the way you want it to.

Painting with terrains has never been easier. Using the same bitmap brushes, you can spray textures over the terrain in any shape or size.
Even better, instead of painting the terrain, use the Auto paint feature and allow the system to paint your terrain instantly for you, with height, slope adjustments.


Large open worlds are becoming more and more popular, with skyline you can build your large world. But what is a landscape without foliage.
With Skyline add thousands of trees to your scene with great performance, smoothly blend between Geometry and Impostors. Scale the trees, spray more density with a single click or set different distances for meshes to fade out at.

The Vegetation system uses a fast static batching system which gives great performance and densities of trees.

Apply Diffuse, Normal, Specular maps to your trees and bushes to give them a vibrant look that sits in the scene and blends beautifully,
or build your own shaders to run the trees with. Why not add Displacement Mapping or better shadows.

Skyline Offers the ability to add your own meshes using the model side of the vegetation or add Grass to your scene using density maps with scale control over width, height, and many controls.

Create the scene that is right for you.

Roads and Paths

Environments don’t look correct unless you show civilization in your world. With this in mind skyline has a mesh road system that overlays on top of the terrain to add Main roads, dirt tracks or paths with great performance. You can adjust the UV tiling, distances between vertices and Switch between 3 materials to use, plus plenty more properties.

Roads and paths are not made by overlaying them on top of the terrain, Roads and paths carve through terrains, In Skyline the road editing system can deform your terrain with a certain border radius, to make truly realistic roads. Coupled together with alpha smooth, roads can blend seamlessly to the terrain surface allowing any number of designs to be made.

Bring life to your Landscapes with ease.

Full Terrain editor feature set containing:

  • Easy terrain creation process.
  • Projective Decal Brush with height / Painting and Vegetation Control
  • Adjustable Brush size, with a brush size multiplier. Strength Controls, which controls the Decal Image
  • Streaming Paged Terrain. (Coming Soon…)
  • Advanced Dynamic Terrain LODS

Heightmap Features:

  • Height map Editing – including:
    - Raise
    - Lower
    - Flatten with flatten from click height or flatten to set height
    - Smooth.
  • Terrain Decal images to use for terrain editing, this makes for a very fast and easy way to make landscapes.
  • Use a decal  to edit the height field.

Painting Features:

  • Terrain Painting using 1 base map and 4 diffuse maps
  • diffuse, normal map, Parallax map on each layer
  • Supported Textures : .jpg, .png, .tga, .dds and many more
  • Decal brush can paint on the terrain
  • Auto Paint – Quickly paint your whole terrain with high quality in seconds.

Vegetation Features:

  • Terrain Vegetation including Models and Billboards.
  • Models contain 3 different Culling Distances: Tree / Rock / Bush
  • Models contain: Model Name, Model Entity, Min / Max scale, Density amount.
  • Models have a geometry detail, followed by an impostor system for performance.
  • Billboards contain : Material Name, Min / Max Height, Min / Max Width, Density, ColourMap(Grass uses a texture over the whole amount to change the grass colors and introduce variance to your grass).
  • Billboard Rebuild option
  • Refresh Vegetation Geometry
  • Reset Tree Heights
  • Geometry Fading
  • Impostor fading
  • Model and Impostor distance Controls.
  • Varying Page sizes for the batching of models.

Road and Path Editing:

  • Unlimited distance Roads,
  • Adjustable Road width and Height of the ground.
  • Adjustible distance between vertices for performance control.
  • Adjustable Texture Repeat.
  • Adjustable Material with 3 material types: Occlusion Displacement, Base no alpha and Base with Alpha
  • Terrain Deformation to carve you road through mountains or create cliff roads.
  • Adjustible border width for road deformation
  • Instant Generation of Roads.
  • Movable Road Nodes.
  • Remove Road Nodes.
  • Insert Road Node (coming soon..)
  • Scale Road at node position (coming soon..)

Save and Load Features:

  • Save / Load Height field and Texture data to a .ter file
  • Save / Load Vegetation to a .SkyVegetation File
  • Save / Load Environment File which saves both .ter and .SkyVegetation, this makes loading faster.