Bring your characters to life!

Using Skylines animation system, you can control any scene entity that contains animations from Actions or Lua Script.
Using the built in blending system, smoothly transition your characters from one animation to another with a variable adjusting blend time.

Skyline’s Lua Script has a full library of animation controls to give you the ability to control animations without any problems.

Simple, Quick and easy to use animation system means more time making your animations correct than trying to get the engine to work with them allowing you to give your world more interactivity and more believable realism.

The Skyline animation system uses a skeletal animation system that gives full control over all details.
Skyline also gives support for upto 4 bone bone influences per vertex

From script, simply add the animations required or control them from the scene entity properties inside Lua or from an action.

Use IK Bone setups or biped rigs and skyline will accept them.