Presets and Assets

Skyline gives you the power to stop reinventing the wheel using presets, presets are the same as your Scene Entity in the scene, except that the preset is the stored version. The preset gets placed into Preset Libraries for use later when required.

You can load and save preset libraries to XML File, and load any preset library in any scene.
Using the Entity Editor you can create, edit and save presets.

Presets and Preset Libraries

Presets are combined into a library and this library contains all the assets and dynamic control that you require in your game in one resource/asset system. A preset holds the setup data for any Entity of any variety. Presets provide you with static lights, rotating lights, models and variations, effect variations, UI systems and so much more. The Preset Library is your Asset/Resource manager.


Assets inside Skyline can come in many filetypes and sizes, these could be textures, models, particles, presets, etc..
Models can be taken from your modelling package and imported into skyline by using a Model Type Scene Entity.

Skyline is using Assimp. Assimp is a portable Open Source library to import various well-known 3D model formats in a uniform manner.
You can load from any of these mesh formats, some are just for meshes and other formats allow rigs and animations.

  • - 3DS
  • - BLEND
  • - DAE (Collada)
  • - ASE
  • - DXF
  • - HMP
  • - MD2
  • - MD3
  • - MD5
  • - MDC
  • - MDL
  • - NFF
  • - PLY
  • - STL
  • - X
  • - OBJ
  • - SMD
  • - LWO
  • - LXO
  • - LWS
  • - XML
  • - TER
  • - AC3D
  • - MS3D

These are the file formats currently accessible through skyline. More can be added to the system.
For a more exhaustive list, please see:

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