Ultimate power at your fingertips

Skyline has a powerful lighting system with support of Directional, Spot and Point lights. Using lighting in your game is important to push for the visuals desired.
We also offer a deferred and forward rendering pipeline, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Deferred is great for indoor scenes with support for unlimited lights, or use forward for outdoor lighting using directional lights to simulate the sun.

Light Types

Below are the light types currently offered by skyline.

Directional lights: Gives a single lighting direction that can simulate the sun.
Spot lights: are still a directional light with control over distance of light, outer and inner angle for lighting. These are very powerful for streetlamps, corridor lighting and more.
Point light: are an omni-directional light where light emits from a centre point and lights outward in 360 degrees.

Control your scene

When using lighting in deferred, do not be afraid to add as many lights as you want and let skyline make your game look beautiful and run smoothly.
Skyline offers full control over light attenuation, lighting in shaders and much much more.
You have the power to shape your vision!


The Default shadow system is a depth shadow map with PCF support designed for speed and efficiency in any game scene.

For extra shadow detail, use complex shadowing techniques such as Parallel Split Shadow Mapping or Cascaded Shadow Mapping for soft close up details.
Skyline gives you the ability to integrate your own shadowing methods and expand upon the current system by implementing through the use of shaders.

Change the shadow caster to work the way you want it to, then use the Shadow editor inside skyline to allow your shadows to take over the system.