Thank you for downloading Skyline!

In order for you to get the most out of skyline as a new user, we suggest you follow these links:

Many of the links we provide are official, but there are some great resources that members of our community have made and they
are as important to you as the official parts are.

When you install skyline and if windows shows a popup blocking skyline, press “More Info” then “Run Anyway” as the exe is certificated and safe, but it is because it is a new file on the web. Thank you for supporting us!

Upgrade Today!

Are you enjoying the engine, want to get more from skyline with the auto updates and unlimited features! Also get better tech support and release any game commercially with no extra royalties or costs.

You can do all that with our engine for only £40. Amazing the price of an actual game for a game engine.

Join the Community

If you want any help or want to show of your current work in progress, then the forums are a great place for this.

Our forums are open to all and even the developers of skyline are active. They are also supported by many friendly and helpful skilled users who will always be there to help.

Buy / Sell on the Store!

We are building up an Asset Store for you and others to buy and sell assets such as models, textures, sounds, games and more. Perhaps you can earn the money to buy your version of skyline

More content is added each week and will continue to grow until we have a formidable warehouse of game art assets.

If you want to support our development further, then please spread the word of us on your social media outlets and like
our facebook page below. We need all the help we can get to get this great engine of the ground and into the hands of many game developers or hobbyists.

Why not check out the indieDB page and write a review.
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