Skyline Changelog V0-9-5 BETA (Patch Release)

Hello Skyline Users,
This is a patch release to 0.9.4 as there were a few bugs that cropped up which had been sitting in the background for a long time waiting for the new features to cause a break. They have been fixed now. Plus there are many more Qt lua commands to help control QTreeWidget, QListWidget & QTableWidgets.
A Major crash with the camera entity has also been fixed.

Here is the rest of the changelog:


  • New: Qt Lua library improved and many things changed
  • New: Skyline Editor Plugin: “Example – Item Widgets” – shows how you can edit QTreeWidgets, QListWidgets, QTableWidgets.

New Lua:

  • New: qt commands
    • New: treeID = qt.insertTreeItem( editorName, objectName, (opt)parentID, (opt)indexPos ); — opt : will default to -1 and work on top level and add to end
    • New: qt.removeTreeItem( editorName, objectName, treeID);
    • New: qt.setTreeItemText( editorName, objectName, treeID, text);
    • New: qt.setTreeItemIcon( editorName, objectName, treeID, imagename);
    • New: widgetID = qt.setTreeItemWidget( editorName, objectName, widgetInfo, callback, treeID );
    • New: listID = qt.insertListItem( editorName, objectName, indexPos );
    • New: qt.removeListItem( editorName, objectName, listID);
    • New: qt.setListItemText( editorName, objectName, listID, text);
    • New: qt.setListItemIcon( editorName, objectName, listID, image);
    • New: widgetID = qt.setListItemWidget( editorName, objectName, widgetInfo, callback, listID);
    • New: qt.setListView( editorName, objectName,);
    • New: qt.setIconView( editorName, objectName,);
    • New: qt.setIconSize( editorName, objectName, size);
    • New: qt.insertTableRow( editorName, objectName, indexPos);
    • New: qt.insertTableColumn( editorName, objectName, indexPos);
    • New: qt.removeTableRow( editorName, objectName, rowID);
    • New: qt.removeTableColumn( editorName, objectName, ColumnID);
    • New: qt.setTableItemText( editorName, objectName, rowID, columnID, text);
    • New: qt.setTableItemIcon( editorName, objectName,rowID, columnID, image);
    • New: qt.setTableItemWidget( editorName, objectName, widgetInfo, callback, row, column);
    • New: qt.getNumTableRows( editorName, objectName);
    • New: qt.getNumTableColumns( editorName, objectName);
    • New: qt.setItemWidgetText( editorName, widgetID, text);
    • New: qt.setItemWidgetImage( editorName, widgetID, image);
    • New: qt.setItemWidgetChecked( editorName, widgetID, state); — state is an int
    • New: qt.setItemWidgetSize( editorName, widgetID, sizeX, sizeY);


  • Fixed: Presets: Major bug when external presets are used.
  • Fixed: Camera Entity could crash when pressing new scene and adding a new camera. Crash on play.
  • Fixed: Skyline Editor Plugin: The main() entrance function was crashing if you called a qt.libraryfunction. This was because the editor did not exist in a map until after the lua call.
  • Fixed: Skyline Editor Plugin: There have been a lot of catches put in place for the use of the qt.libraryFunctions

As always, thanks for updating and supporting skyline and we cannot wait to see what you come up with.
Your Skyline Dev Team.