Skyline Changelog V0-9-3 BETA

So, here is the release of Skyline V0-9-3. This is mainly a patch release to the previous auto update. But this version does come with a few more features to make your skyline game stand out. We have introduced Custom loading screens, lua include files and an updgrade to the Skyline Script editor with basic syntax checker built in. :)
As usual with each skyline release; we have many other new features, bug fixes and updates. Check out the list below:

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Update Log:

New: Custom Loading Screens

You can now change the loading screen for every single game to be different as well as automating the process so every export will choose your custom one to begin with. This is only for commercial indie version, and will really show variety in the game content exported.
If you don’t want a loading screen, then the default is used.

  • New: Loading Screen: Each game can have a custom loading screen to suit the game or show company logos.
  • New: Game Wizard: This has an easy setup for custom loading screen.
  • New: Editor Settings: You can now set the custom loading screen that should be applied to every game export.

There are a few rules with loading screens to make them work:

  • The GUI .rml files must not link to .rcss or any other file inside the HTML code. It all has to be built in otherwise it cannot be packaged into end game.
  • The loading screen must be in its own GUI folder.
  • All Images must be in the same folder.
  • All Fonts used must be in the same folder.


New: Script Editor improvement – Round 1

We have also made an upgrade the scripting interface.
It now includes:

  • New Dock Panel that will display warnings, errors and information while scripting
  • Basic Lua Script syntax error checking. At least you will know if your script is ok to read before debugging further.
  • Toolbar button to validate a lua script file


We have many improvements planned in again such as intellisense, auto completion, double click highlighting.
Stick with us to find out more.

Here is the rest of the changelog:


  • New: Custom loading screen
  • New: Tech Demo: Simple Game State example.
  • New: Navmesh files are now loadable from inside the .pak and .ark packs. Before only editor worked.
  • New: GUI Editor: Now styled to the newest main theme. Much less lines on screen.
  • New: Script Editor: Syntax Error Checking is now built in.
  • New: Resource Collector: You can now pick up the included lua files and scan them as well for other includes and resources.
  • New: Lua Base Classes: We have wrapped our lua commands into some new and easy to use lua base classes that make calls to entity and physics much easier. They are still being worked on and are not meant to be used instead of the base commands. But they are a simpler command structure for new users. Also you can extend all the functions yourself.

New Lua:

  • New: Lua Library: Sky
    • New: sky.include(string file); — This includes a lua file into the current script and executes it for running.


  • Updated: Path Editor: You could select path nodes even if they were invisible
  • Updated: Path Editor: Visibility was not turning off, but you can see when edit
  • Updated: Path Editor: Show in game wasn’t working correctly.
  • Updated: Path Editor: Renamed Color to Colour on the spline path editor
  • Updated: Action Audio 2D: Now will turn off if the game state changes from main state and will restart when the main state resumes.
  • Updated: Action Audio 3D: Now will turn off if the game state changes from main state and will restart when the main state resumes.


  • Fixed: Particle Effects: Double Sided PFX were not coming back after load
  • Fixed: SkyBox Editor: Pressing cancel caused a crash because of adding resources from a blank folder path.
  • Fixed: Camera Entity: All cameras are not setup on play apart from the active one, creating stretched views etc..
  • Fixed: Game States are now working as they should. There was an error in a few states that would have run the update loop multiple times making your game speed up. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: Navmesh Editor: When closing, it deactivates all the menu build options and gives control back to the editing.
  • Fixed: Navmesh Editor: Saving and loading of Simple navmeshes now works.
  • Fixed: Navmesh Editor: Navmesh was not generating when the terrain was active using Tiled Navmesh mode
  • Fixed: Navmesh Editor: Simple Navmesh has been renamed to Single Navmesh.
  • Fixed: Navmesh: When loading a navmesh back without a navmeshsettings file, it would crash as there are no properties.
  • Fixed: Mesh Animation: When choosing animation in the drop down, it was always one out.
  • Fixed: Notifications Error Message

Thanks for reading and updating.
We hope you enjoy this version of skyline and make some cool projects and look forward to seeing your work in the community.
Have fun Developing. :)
Your Skyline Dev Team