Skyline Changelog V0-9-2 BETA

Well, the release is finally here after some internet troubles which pushed back the release :).
This time we are releasing the new working Navmesh editor that is controllable through lua to create some complex character movements.
From AI Enemies to animals wandering. There are still many features to implement for navmesh, but this is a usable version to make your games with.
Our Terrain system has also been advanced and is now boasting multi light terrain in forward rendering mode allowing some very high quality nighttime scenes.
Time to make those spooky shooters lol :P

To top it of we have a new game template, the melee combat sat in an RPG like environment.

As usual with each skyline release; we have many other new features, bug fixes and updates. Check out the list below:

Note: When Upgrading inside the editor, skyline does not have a progress bar or on screen information telling you how far it has got. This is due to the last release when we removed the DOS console and progress bar in favor of the progress bar on the status bar. Although it isn’t showing and will look like it has crashed. Please give it a chance and it will work :) Perhaps its time for a cup of tea lol.
Note: This however is fixed in this release version, so the next skyline update will leave you with an editor that is not locked up and the above message can be removed :)

Come to the forums to keep up to date with in dev features.
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Update Log:

New: Navmesh Powered by Recast & Detour

Its finally here, the long awaited navmesh featureset.
This is a fully controllable system in c++ and through lua to control your characters and crowds.
This version has a brand new editor interface for easier and more understanding working.
With build in path tools to make sure your navmesh is creating the paths it should.

  • New: Editor Interface
  • New: Able to destroy/ recreate navmesh without crashes allowing you to experiment with the settings.
  • New: Lots of new lua commands.
  • New: You can switch between Tiled navmesh and single navmesh.
  • New: Ribbon Trail Debugging upgrade.
  • New: The last editor debugging slowed the scene down even when deactivated. This caused some of our scenes to seem sluggish when they shouldn’t have been

v0-9-2 Navmesh 02

v0-9-2 Navmesh 00

v0-9-2 Navmesh 01

New: Multi Light Terrain

This feature has been wanted for a long time for the outdoor night time scenes. So here it is.
This terrain material features:

  • Directional Lights
  • Point Lights
  • Spot Lights
  • Up to 8 lights per tile
  • Lights are sometimes baked into the composite map creating a long distance many light viewing.

v0-9-2 Nightime 01

v0-9-2 Nightime 00

New: Melee Combat Game Template

This combat is based on a melee example using swords. It contains 2 types of sword combat. Raycast approach where the ray is shot down the length of the sword and deals damage to whoever it hits, but this system requires slower animation and high framerate. Or the default setting of a basic attack system; where the character faces the target and deals damage based on animation time. This works the same at any framerate and can have some fun results.
This is a demo environment that can be expanded. It runs quite well on the dev machines but will require a decent computer to get a good framerate.
The environment and game template could be used for an RPG.


  • Great looking environment showcasing skylines terrain toolset
  • Many enemies to hit that run on the navmesh and will chase you when you are in range. When close they will attack you and deal damage.
  • Player character that has 2 modes of attack to get started with
  • Player can deal damage to every character on the map.
  • Easy scripts to understand and quickly make your game
  • Showcase of using the navmesh with characters. So this is a great starting point for anyone wanting to make their games.

v0-9-2 Melee 00

v0-9-2 Melee 02

v0-9-2 Melee 01

New: Buoyancy Volume

In the preset library, you will now find a buoyancy volume that can be placed under any water surface and simulate approximately on any physics rigidbody surface that falls into the water. A Direction of force can be added to create river flow or wind.
It is a simple to place volume that only requires the position of the water plane above it. So a tag rename is necessary.
This volume is a Trigger Box Volume that shows how many other things could be programmed once you get into skyline. It is all down to what you want to do and make, save as a preset and make it reusable.

Preset can be found in: “Asset Library\Presets\Skyline Scene Types\Physics Volumes”

v0-9-2 Buoyancy

Known Issues

  • This release, the navmesh when exported to end game won’t work if it is part of an Archived format. This will be fixed for the next update. :)
  • There may be crash on startup from time to time, if you can report how and when it happens on the forum. It may not crash at all on some computers.

Rest of the changelog:


  • New: Particle Editor: There is a new default with less changes needed to create an effect.
  • New: AI Sensor Action: You can now change to get all ids in range.
  • New: Weapons Editor: Single Shot active now works
  • New: Weapons Editor: Single Shot sound file works
  • New: Weapons Editor: Single Shot sound volume works
  • New: Notifications Panel – This is for us to get quick news to all users Inside the engine.
  • New: Action: PhysX Player Controller: There is now a ko animation. This is used when character.ko() is called.
  • New: Asset Manager: You can convert a texture into a material for quick usage.
  • New: Auto updates for skyline now run on a separate thread, this is too stop the lockup.
  • New: Fire – Flickering light preset – located in “Asset Library/Presets/Skyline Scene Types/Lights”
  • New: Bouyancy Volume – Add bouyancy to physx rigidbodies into your rivers and lakes.. Nothing extra needed on the rigidbodies. This preset is located in “Asset Library/Presets/Skyline Scene Types/Physics Volumes”.
  • New: Tech Demo: Physics Bouyancy – it is located in the physics folder.
  • New: Lua Library: Entity
    • New: entity.getBoundingSize(objID)
    • New: entity.getBoundingRadius(objID)
    • New: entity.getBoundingMinimum(objID)
    • New: entity.getBoundingMaximum(objID)
    • New: entity.getScaleI)
  • New: Lua Library: Camera
    • New: camera.getWorldOrientation()
    • New: camera.pitch()
    • New: camera.yaw()
    • New: camera.roll()
    • New: camera.getPitch()
    • New: camera.getYaw()
    • New: camera.getRoll()
  • New: Lua Library: Navmesh
    • New: navmesh.addEntity();
    • New: navmesh.removeEntity();
    • New: navmesh.addDCC();
    • New: navmesh.setDestination();
    • New: navmesh.getDestination();
    • New: navmesh.getRandomPosition()
    • New: navmesh.setAgentHeight();
    • New: navmesh.setAgentWidth();
    • New: navmesh.setAgentMaxSpeed();
    • New: navmesh.setAgentMaxAccel();
    • New: navmesh.setAgentColQueryRange();
    • New: navmesh.setAgentPathOptRange();
    • New: navmesh.setAgentControlled();
    • New: navmesh.showAgentDebug();
    • New: navmesh.isDestinationReached();
    • New: navmesh.getAgentSpeed();
    • New: navmesh.getAgentMaxSpeed();
    • New: navmesh.getAgentVelocity();
    • New: navmesh.stopAgent();
  • New: Lua Library: Screen
    • New: screen.worldPosToScreenPos( x,y,z );
    • New: screen.worldPosToAbsScreenPos( x,y,z );
    • New: screen.worldPosInFrustum( x,y,z );
    • New: screen.worldPosInFront( x,y,z );
  • New: Lua Library: GUI
    • New: gui.loadFromTemplate(); — this generates a unique document name each time. Useful for enemy health bar documents. Design 1, reuse many times.


  • Updated: When Skyline is loaded, the default scene is loaded before checking for updates.
  • Updated: Error and Warning have been placed on the save when playing or animating
  • Updated: Lua: character.ko is called on both SCC and Player Controller actions
  • Updated: Mesh Editor: It sometimes crashed when opening due to the last update changes.
  • Updated: Ocean: When you edit the ocean with terrain editing active, a message will be shown.
  • Updated: Terrain: You can now have multi lights on your terrains.


  • Fixed: SceneScript timers were not working and returned an entity id error.
  • Fixed: Game mechanic onClick() could crash when clicking on a skybox, now it is fixed.
  • Fixed: Path Editor: You can now add nodes on the terrain where you click.
  • Fixed: Path Editor: If nothing is clicked on, then no node will be added.
  • Fixed: Mesh Editor: Light now rotates with the camera
  • Fixed: Particle Editor: The animated texture count was limited to 99.
  • Fixed: Particle Editor: When changing the effect on an existing entity, it now resets the particle quota.
  • Fixed: Advanced materials using the rejection shader did not have alpha shadows.
  • Fixed: White texture appears when dragging from explorer outside of the resource list.
  • Fixed: Texture UV animation now fixed to work in the negative values.
  • Fixed: Ocean: sometimes crashed when changing the ocean file. Particulary after editing.
  • Fixed: Ocean: crashed if you loaded an ocean file while the terrain was active.
  • Fixed: When you added a new Folder, it renamed the selected sceneEntity
  • Fixed: There was a crash when adding folder when their was no entity selected from stopping the game.
  • Fixed: Mesh Editor: The animation when extracted was a frame short.
  • Fixed: Mesh Editor: The last frame placed was the same as the first, but the animation did not contain it.
  • Fixed: Preset Drag/drop from Asset Manager or Explorer on the terrain would put it to the center every time

Thanks for reading and updating.
We hope you enjoy this version of skyline and make some cool projects and look forward to seeing your work in the community.
Have fun Developing. :)
Your Skyline Dev Team